Where can I obtain root canal treatment when I need it?

If a tooth becomes infected or severely damaged, you may think that extraction is your only solution. However, you can save badly damaged or infected teeth with a non-surgical procedure known as root canal therapy. Dr. Arnold Cutler and his dedicated team at Arnold Cutler DDS in Lakeside, California, can educate you on what to expect with this procedure.

What happens during root canal therapy?

Dr. Cutler always starts with proper sedation and anesthetics. This makes the patient comfortable before their procedure and allows them to feel at ease from beginning to end. Once the patient is relaxed and comfortable, he will then access the inner canals of the natural tooth. This is done with specialized instruments that create a hole in the tooth. The inner dental pulp is then removed, and the canals are disinfected to ensure there are no remaining bacteria before the area is sealed using gutta-percha. Once complete, the tooth may be prepared for a ceramic dental crown placement. When the dental pulp is removed, it removes the blood supply, essentially deadening the tooth and leaving it susceptible to breakage. The dental crown over the tooth will ensure the tooth is protected and reduces the risk of damage that may later require permanent extraction.

What alternative treatments can be performed instead of root canal therapy?

Without treatment, patients who have an infected tooth may need to have it extracted. The non-surgical root canal procedure, sometimes called endodontic treatment, can help save a badly damaged tooth from permanent removal. If a tooth is removed, patients then need to work with Dr. Cutler to learn more about tooth replacement options such as dentures, bridges, and implants.

Where can I have endodontic treatment performed?

If you need root canal therapy on a tooth, Dr. Arnold Cutler and his team at Arnold Cutler DDS can help. Call the Lakeside, California area office at (619) 815-3592 and request an appointment at the practice, conveniently located at 9927 Channel Road, serving patients in the communities of San Diego, La Mesa, Ramona, Santee, and El Cajon.