Who can I visit for tooth extractions?

Whether you need an emergency tooth extraction for an infected tooth or need to prepare for a wisdom tooth extraction soon, our team at Arnold Cutler DDS can assist in providing both simple and surgical extractions for current or new patients and families. Dr. Arnold Cutler serves those in and around the area of Lakeside, California, and is pleased to help with planned–and unplanned–dental procedures.

What happens during tooth extractions?

The type of tooth extraction will determine what you can expect when you arrive at our office for care. There are two specific types of tooth removal, including simple and surgical.

  • Simple tooth extraction. Patients will enjoy a quick, easy procedure with a simple extraction process. Most simple extractions are performed on teeth that are easily accessible and have already erupted through the gum line. These teeth can be removed with the use of forceps.
  • Surgical tooth extraction. The surgical process is more complex and requires a small incision in the gum tissue to access the tooth. Sometimes, it may even involve breaking the tooth into pieces before removing it. Surgical extractions are often necessary for impacted teeth or those that have not fully erupted through the gum line.

Is tooth removal painful?

At Arnold Cutler DDS, we ensure our patients are comfortable with every procedure–even dental cleanings and examinations. We provide local anesthetics and sedation options to ensure you are resting easily in the dentist’s chair while we care for your oral health needs. We will talk with you throughout the procedure to ensure you are comfortable from start to finish!

Request a visit with Dr. Arnold Cutler and his team at Arnold Cutler DDS of Lakeside, California

Are you a Lakeside, CA, resident looking for a trusted professional for tooth removal? Dr. Arnold Cutler provides surgical and nonsurgical solutions for patients, new and current! Call (619) 815-3592 to request an appointment at our dental practice, conveniently located at 9927 Channel Road and serving those in and around the communities of San Diego, La Mesa, Ramona, Santee, and El Cajon, California.